Starting Fresh

I am in a season where I need to declutter. I have made a list of zones in my house. Email is one of those things I’ve let languish knowing that eventually gmail will archive them or will alert me that I’ve outgrown my storage. Instead, I’ve decided to take control. First, I changed the view to 500. And then I sorted from Oldest (2016???) and run my cursor down to make sure I don’t need anything — like I haven’t touched it since 2016, why would I need to keep it?? — but it gives me a sense of control. And, then I hit the box to select all and then the trash can! WOAH! What a sense of freedom that gave me. To watch the number go from 5 figure digits down to 3, then 2. WOAH!

Have you ever tackled a bit delete project like that? How did you do it? How did you feel during and after?


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